Final Exam Question 5 - Options not delivering correct results?


I was just wondering, if the fact that some of the pipelines in this question, don’t deliver the correct results as intimated by this part of the question

is still going to produce the expected results

Also if you could remove the comma’s at the end of the code, that would be useful for the next group of people.

I have to admit, my sandbox database from M001, has certainly had a lot of use in this course, for testing the various options when possible.


Good catch, will ask the team to remove the trailing commas. In this question, a pipeline produces the expected results as long as it satisfies these requirements:

We would like to find the cities in the USA where the minimum number of sunny days is 200 and the average number of sunny days is at least 220. Lastly, we’d like to have the results sorted by the city’s name.

Please note that the shape of the resulting documents can be different than the shape of the results of the original pipeline.

José Carlos