Final Exam Question 3 - One-to-One relationship

I’m a bit confused with the 1-to-1 cardinality between entity fields. At the entity level, I understand.

As an example, “ and stores.state”.

Can’t there be multiple stores in a state and hence multiple store names relating to a state? The answer implies this would be a 1-to-1.

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We really shouldn’t be discussing specifics around possible exam answers.

Oh please!! The relationship I used as an example isn’t one of the possible answers.

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Can someone share the diagram image please ? I can see the path but not the pic

This thread is old, but I have the same question as you, can anyone provide an explanation for this ?

Hi @Haitam_Boukaa,

If your question is the same as above then yes it is possible to have multiple stores in a state and we have updated our question as well.
If I misunderstood your question, please elaborate.