Final Exam: Question 2

Mainly for the Instructors/Curriculum Engineers, but anyone else please feel free to chime in.

I used the Report an issue feature to raise a concern regarding question two but I’m not sure what your procedures are with respect to feedback.

In my note to you, I wrote down all my workings to what I felt were the correct answers for the DB size, Peak Write Rate and Average Write Rate but my first attempt wasn’t accepted as a viable solution. Consequently, the way in which I calculated the Average Write Rate is not a listed option.

This is the only question left for me to complete this course, so I would appreciate tips from anyone.

Thanks for the feedback, we will use it to make the question clearer.


I agree with Opubo.
Looking at the structure of the answer set, 3 items for each question, i think one item about average write rate is missing.
Now it isn’t possible to answer about average write rate: there isn’t the correct option.


I agree with Opubo and GFranco, too.

@DanielCoupal, if the correct answer for average write rate is not available for selecting, perhaps the exam solution for the “Final Exam: Question 2” should have accepted the correct answers without the average write rate?

Could you please check it out to help us complete this awesome course? Thanks.


The value for the average write rate is not listed, so neither of the last 2 choices should be selected.

Because this seems confusing to people, we will be adding the value as a choice for the next run of the course.

Thanks for the feedback,