Final Exam: Question 1

The options are incorrect or is it only me who is reading it wrong (Option 1 i.e. W2 related)

@Ayush_56509 I would suggest that you once more study the lab Chapter 1: Quantify and Identify the Workload and click the link titled “See Detailed Answer” for a better understanding. You will also need to do a bit of Maths in order to come to a conclusion.

One of the options is definitely an answer.

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In the answer we have

W2 - application records time and user info when an item is viewed.

But in the description this is W4.

@Ibolya_83267 I’m not seeing any problem here:

Ah! And this is from the current session? If it is, it’s been changed.

Report the issue:

Yes, this is the current form.

Thanks for reporting the issue.
We will be publishing a fix soon.


I am still seeing “W2 user creates an account” in the details of write operations table and “W2 - application record time and user info when an item is viewed” in the answer list.