FInal exam Q7 - "most unique" meaning

I am confused about the meaning of the question, when it says:

" find which alliance has the most unique carriers(airlines) operating between the airports JFK and LHR , in both directions."

“most unique” means that if an airline has both JFK - LHR and LHR - JFK routes, needs to be counted only once?

I think if count is 2 and airlines are 4, the word “unique” would imply 4. Don’t hold me to it, though.

@ Melsara

Well, the wording could probably be improved – but basically what this is looking for is just the name of the airline, which will tie back to an alliance. So that, whether a carrier shows up once or twice in your list, it will be only counted one time. In other words, to answer your question, “Yes, it would only be counted once”.

Notice that the question here isn’t about how many routes are available, but only about the airline name. So if (say) British Airways has routes from LHR to JFK, and from JFK to LHR, it still should only be counted once.

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so the question is actually " find which alliance has the most carriers(airlines) operating between the airports JFK and LHR , in either directions"? I mean it is about the maximum number of airlines rather than uniqueness to be the most?

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For other user’s reference: In this question, you first need to remove duplicate airlines by grouping unique Then $sortBycount to find the alliance with maximum airlines.

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