"Final Exam". notification after submitting answers

Hello, everyone!
After i submitted my answer of any question in Final Exam i see popup message on top:

Your submission has been saved and will be graded when the problem closes.

In a progress tab i see problem list.

The question is: What should i do with this problems? Should i fixing this problems and if “yes” than how i can do it? Or, may be, it is nothing serious and i just need to wait until course will finished?

Thank you!

I think the word “problem” was a bit badly chosen by MongoU :slight_smile: I know what they mean, but to a lot of people the word “problem” can simply suggest that there are problems.

Look at the “Progress” tab/page linked at the top of the course. This will show your scores so far. If your labs all have bars up to 100% you’ll be fine. Your exam answers will be submitted when the deadline for this week passes, after which you will be automatically scored for your test.

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thank you for your answer!

@ Tess_Sluijter

Good answer, thank you! And a good point that lots of students might actually think that “problem” would mean… well, “problem”. :wink: I’ll mention this to the curriculum team. Thanks.

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