Final exam M220

Final exam results are out. Congratulations to all those who have cleared the exam.

There was an announcement that M220 is going to be taken down and a new course will replace it.
If true, which is that course?


Hope i had the privilege to comment on this. :slight_smile:
Only the course admin can say on this.
@Kanika - Any idea on replacing this course with new one?

Hi Vijaya_21736,

First, thanks for taking the course. I hope you had a good learning experience.

We have developed M220 especially for developers and we recommend taking M001 Basics course before taking this one. Our course owner Norberto has wonderfully explained the motive behind M220 here:

Said that, we highly recommend that if you have any feedback regarding this course or any other, feel free to list the points. We will surely take a look.

No, we have replaced M101 courses with these ones.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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M220 was a fantastic course to learn the development aspects using python.
Yes, before taking up this course, had completed M001 course too.