Final Exam Collections

Hello, I do not see any of the collections under M001 on my cluster to answer the Final Exam questions.

Please assist.

Let’s see a screenshot of the question.

As it says in the instructions:

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Understand.And I as I said earlier I cannot see the class Atlas cluster in Compass.

To quote what you said:

But now you’re saying that you cannot see the class Atlas cluster. Please elaborate.

Okay,glad to clarify.

Here is what I see on my Atlas Compass.

I just have 2 collections under Video and require the class Atlas Cluster.How do I see the class Atlas Cluster?

The class Atlas cluster was one of the first things you connected to in this course. You also used this class Atlas cluster for some of the labs. Suggest you review earlier lectures.

HI @Deepak_59158,

I hope you found @007_jb’s response helpful.

As you can see in the screenshot, you are connected to your sandbox cluster and not the class atlas cluster.

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham