Final Exam can not be generated

When I finished the final exam I did not receive a report of my answers.
I see these messages:

  • We did not receive data from the server. Please try again.
  • Your submission has been saved and will be graded when the problem closes.

Could you help someone?

The exams will only be graded after the course, so just wait a few more minutes :wink:

Hi @andrii_shurda,

This is the message I see in your profile.
Is this not clear for you ?

Where can I see my certificate for this class? I got a passing score.


@Eduardo_14841 The Course Overview Page shows a button with a link

If you are looking at the site from the lessons and questions, the Overview is reached from the link at the top of the page:

As long as you have a passing mark this button will display and send you to a page with a certificate you can print if you desire.

Thank you all for clarifying.