Final Exam 6 question

IS there any kind of problem on Final Exam: 6 question? No matter what i do even in compass there is no result…

Make sure you are connected to the correct cluster Class vs Sandbox
Can you see the collection you are querying
or may be in wrong db or typo in field/collection names while running it in shell

Check again

is your issue resolved? I am unable to solve this, I am not getting any results…

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Hi @Gouri_Nagarkar,

What issues are you facing ? Let me know if the question is not clear.

Try to think if you can use the $in operator here.

Hi, I was able to complete it… I am not sure, perhaps I was using some wrong db , so results were returned as 0 all the time. but later it worked.

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I submitted the wrong answers and then found the actual answer

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Why y broda

Hello. I had the same problem. Adapting the queries style to the console works fine and you can test every option of the exam. Trying them in Compass yields no result… Fortunately I completed the whole course testing both console and Compass, so I noticed this issue before getting crazy…

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That’s Great !

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