Filtering partition on a per user basis

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Will query based realms ( be reintroduced in the future or will there an alternative?

Partitions are currently pretty static, will there be any way to dynamically change the contents in a partition using filters on a per user basis?

I am writing this because we have some very large partitions in our iOS projects, stretching the limits of Realm’s capacity. Ideally we would like to filter the contents of a partition, e.g, based on latest used records, user location and all sorts of other parameters and metrics.

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Hi Thomas,

I’ll leave it to @Ian_Ward to comment on roadmaps, but I’ve just finished an article on Realm partitioning strategies. The article is in its final review but will hopefully go live tomorrow (look for “Realm Provisioning Strategies” in I’ll circle back with the direct link once it’s live.

Cheers, Andrew.

We will re-introduce query-based sync back to the system in the future but it is currently a long-term project and will likely not be GA until next year.


The Realm partitioning strategies article is now live at


Hi Andrew and Ian,

thank you for update and article link :).

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@Ian_Ward Any update on when Query based sync on incoming realm calls will be added back? I have an instance in which partition keys won’t work but I want to return certain results based on the user and I can’t see any other way to do it apart from using the queries Realm Sync - Query Filters not working