Files to exclude during backups

I am using TSM (Spectrum Protect) to backup files on the server, which MongoDB files do need to exclude from the backups?

Hi @richard_labutis,

In general, you can backup the entire dbpath as long as your instance is down or blocked for writes during the backup.

MongoDB offer tools like Ops Manager and cloud manager which does not require you to block the instance for backups.

Having said that, log files and the directory is not vital for a restore therefore you can consider excluding them. However, its always good to backup those for trouble shooting…

Let me know if you have any questions.

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let me rephrase the question, which files do i EXCLUDE while the database is running?

Hi Richard,

You cannot copy files to an external location if the instance is not locked for writes.

As mentioned if you stop writes you can exclude logs and directory.

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I already known that, but you still have not answered my question. which files do I tell tsm to skip backing up.
i don’t want the database files, i need to do do a full system backup excluding mongo database.
mongo will get backed up with other methods.

Hi @richard_labutis,

Sorry I misunderstood your intention.

Please provide your mongod.conf omitting any sensetive information so I can guide you which paths to omit.

In general any log,pid or dbPath location should be blacklist.


I also read the question as ‘what files can I exclude when backing up mongoDB’.

Only in this last comment do we get to the real question, this could have been asked more explicitly at the outset.