Feedback for the Basics Course

Great course, really well done - thx!
The clipboard (and the transcript for people who need it) are very lovely features and the tutor did a great job.
Just find that “wow” type of Americanisms anyway a bit weird, particularly from a non-native, besides wonderful.

Hi @Christoph_Klingl ,

Thank you for your feedback. Just to clarify, do you find it weird to hear Americanisms when you’re watching lessons because you are not a native speaker? Or is it weird to hear Americanisms coming from a non-native speaker?

With all due respect and praise for your course: The latter. But this was by any means no big issue and I appreciated the logical arc between the chapters, which I miss in M103.
So, you did a great job and surely something to lighten up the mood helps. But since neither my German compatriots, nor yours (high probability of Russian/Ukrainian) are accustomed to that, it might have led to my comment. :wink: - Again, really a great course and I learned a lot.