Feedback Course M312

First of all, thank you again for offering these wonderful courses, which surely helps me as a systems engineer to choose and use MongoDB more often in production.
This is the third course after M001 and M103 I took and just some Feedback:

  • I am a deductive learner and I really loved the idea the course being not built up inductively, but giving an overview and going into detail - great!
  • Norberto has the perfect speed for me, William is also great, but sometimes so fast, I cannot even take a screenshot or press pause. Also, I find it a bit nerdy, to use some awkward sed on the ps output, instead of simply preparing the commands beforehand (one example in Chapter 3 about indexes).
  • Partially it was very well and detailed explained, partially I wished, it would go more into detail.
  • Half of the 4th chapter, I found a bit useless, since it was either OS basics or mentioned in M103. Like you guys spend a lot of time on writeConcern.
  • Getting accustomed to the luxury of M001 & M103, I really missed the sandboxes. :wink: Vagrant was at the time the course came out, surely a valid choice, but a Docker Compose file, etc. would be nicer. Besides this is a lot of stuff you gotta install for a relatively small course.
  • I don’t get the reasoning for a separate .sh and .js file a single bit: Nobody runs this as a program, but it is just awkward to pick the commands together out of two separate files, if you wanna document it.
  • Tell devs not to mess around the ulimit and other OS settings, unless on their own sandbox.
  • The testing .py scripts are really useful for me and a plus of this course.

Conclusion: Not bad, but I felt, despite choosing the “DBA-Path”, this is a course by devs for devs and I am not really the target group here. Partially, yes. But what i wanted wasn’t detailed enough and too much time spent on basics, like /etc/hosts (which you wouldn’t really use in a prod env anyway). This course is IMHO more for devs trying to maintain a testing setup.


Hey @Christoph_Klingl,

We really appreciate all your feedback and suggestion for this course!!

Just an Update: We are working on revamping our courses, keeping in mind the changes in technology, trend, and improved learner experience.
Such constructive feedback helps us understand the user requirement and their experience.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,