Feedback Chapter 1

Thus far I only took part in M001 and I am aware this is for users and M103 for admins, but I must say, I am rather disappointed apart from the fact, that I am obviously thankful for this course. But tbh, it compares to M001, like Youtube to Coursera/edX:

The positive:
c/p clipboards for commands and transcripts for people who need it, is a lovely service.
The instructor doing the RBAC video bits is doing a good job and his videos are excluded from my comments below. The rough structure of standalone-replica-shards is a good one.
The exercises are somewhat ok.

The things to improve:
Nearly all else in this chapter. It seems like the videos were cut or some are missing, but they kinda sometimes skip stuff or refer to topics, which haven’t been discussed. So the logical arc is really missing.

The instructor doing most of the videos in this chapter seems not really to know, what to explain.
For example, he briefly mutters a bit about the “profiler” before going into detail w/o explaining and defining it properly.
No-one really tells you, if “mongo admin” is the same as “mongo --authenticationDatabase admin”, apparently so.
On the other hand, he simply reads down the commands, w/o going into detail on shortcuts or mentioning alternative values for them.
Here, I think for example of the “mongo --uri” option, which was introduced in M001 (which is apparently newer than M103).
Also, the c/p clipboard often does not match the commands in the video. I think here of that dump/restore import/export section, where authentication and the “–drop” flag are missing in the clipboard.
Regarding both instructors: I found the highlighting from M001 much nicer than this “finger-pointing” which doesn’t add much benefit, given the lists on the slides are rather short and the pointing never really hits the proper line.
So, all in all, I hope the 2nd chapter is nicer, this was rather a typical Youtube tutorial than some webinar quality.

Hi @Christoph_Klingl,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. This is very helpful.

M001 is one of our newest course based on our new content creation strategy. M103 is a slightly older course but we have plans to revamp this course in future and we will definitely keep your valuable feedback in mind while updating this course. cc @mattjavaly

Thx for your reply and pls. excuse my harsh words - after all, I am German. :wink: