Faizan Akhtar - MUG Leader Intro

Hello everyone :wave:

I am Faizan Akhtar from Pune, excited to onboard as one of the MUG Pune leader. I tell about myself using few phrases:

  • Always a student
  • Always a learner
  • Community Enthusiast
  • Mixed Reality Evangelist

Fun Fact: I give too many Imaginary Ted Talks to my imaginary audience :smiley:

I have been part of many tech communities here in India and can’t wait to experience this new community MUG and meet all of you! :raised_hands:

You can know more about me and my socials: https://www.faizanakhtar.com/. Feel free to drop in and say a "Hi :wave: "
(P.S. If you google Faizan Akhtar, my portfolio will probably be the first result that shows up :wink: )


Welcome Fazian - looking forward to hearing more about the Pune MUG from you!


Hey @Faizan_Akhtar,
Welcome to MongoDB Community!

We’re thrilled to have you lead the Pune MongoDB Community. Your passion for learning and experience with communities would be very helpful for the community.

As a Mixed Reality enthusiast, I am excited to hear your insights and experiences in this field.

++ It’s always refreshing to see someone with a sense of humor and creativity, that will definitely help make our community events in Pune more engaging and fun.


That’s great @Faizan_Akhtar , Congratulation :tada:
MongoDB in Pune! Woohoo!" :tada:

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