Failing in user management validation

During validation i get this error

If you went directly to the status page, try again by viewing the home page first and getting to the status page via the status link.

I have done in that way… And I’m doing the same now…from home page to status page…Same error

dont use write_concern in insert_one method. try giving separate statement for write concern as follows:

Hi @Dorela_99634

Can you share the output from the python terminal/window which will give the specific error that occurring and we’ll be able to help point you in the right direction.

There are a number of labs where you will also need to add exception handling with an exception block (except Exception as e:) but you need to determine where (the specific function) using the output from the python


Error happend during register data, also I added more exception handling but they are not showing any message.

Hi @Dorela_99634

Can I just confirm you have updated all the noted user management methods in (get_user, add_user, login_user, logout_user, get_user_session, delete_user) ? In order to understand the exception that is occurring you should remove the exception handling so that it is captured in the output of the console for

Hope this helps!