Failed to start MongoDB Database Server. but connecting from mongodb compass

The status is showing as data server failed to start but its connecting from mongodb compass .Is there any way for fixing the status.

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I don’t know if I understood correctly, what status? Can you post screenshots and error messages if possible?

Hi, this is the status of mongodb showing on putty.

But are you able to connect to Mongo based on what you say above? Are you sure this is the correct service?

Can you give

systemctl status mongod.service -l

Also, get the last few lines from the MongoDB log and also do a ps -ef | grep -i mongo to confirm that there is no other service running.

  1. Restart the MongoDB service using the systemctl restart mongod.service command.
  2. Check the MongoDB log for errors using the systemctl status mongod.service -l command.
  3. Check for any MongoDB processes running in the background using the ps -ef | grep -i mongod command.
  4. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can contact MongoDB support for assistance.