Failed to deploy new changes on schemas with realm-cli

I got this error when deploying new changes for my realm app via realm-cli.

push failed: minimum required protocol version increase change not allowed: will add new property “trendingScores” to rule “app.books”, will add new property “trendingScores” to rule “app.booksummaries”, updating the sync schema compatibility version from 1 to 2, please ensure that you have updated to the most recent version of the client SDK

Just adding a new field to schemas. It can be done when I do it on Realm dashboard.

Could anyone help me with this case?
Could you guys share with me the way we store the realm app, I pulled the app via cli and push the whole configuration to my git repo.

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Bump. Encountered the same issue. Searching in the forum lead to this open issue.

Hello @Tai_Kim,

I acknowledge it has been a while since you asked this question. I am hoping you have been able to identify the reason but if not please let us know.

For anyone else, who comes across a similar error, it means you are adding a mixed type field. CLI does not allow pushing a mixed-type field. You can easily make Schema Changes directly from the UI.

Please feel free to reach out, if anyone has any questions.

Kind Regards,

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