Failed to connect to Realm Cloud Instance

My team are trying to access one of our realm instances (pre-migrate to MongoDB Realm) but it seems to be down. The error message we get when trying to access a realm is: “The requested service is temporarily unavailable.” This is the same error that comes up in Realm Studio when we try to view this realm instance.

Looking at the cloud website, the instance is stuck on “Instance is starting” despite us not touching instance at all. Going into the instance the dashboard says: “Instance is not ready”. We are really at a loss for what is causing this issue and would appreciate any help in this matter.

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@Matthew_Hughes Whats your instance name?

@Matthew_Hughes Hello also i couldn’t connect to my instance. It says “The requested service is temporarily unavailable”. The instance name is “”.

@Jamiyandorj_Purevdor I just tested this and seems to be working fine - can you retest?