Failed Global Initialization


I do not understand why am getting this error message, Failed Global Initialization when i try to start Mongod process from using config file.


Basically /var/ is a special directory. Any folders created under this directory requires the right permissions/ownership. If you recall you had to do this for the keyFile using sudo, chmod and chown.

Are you following the lecture or this is part of the lab?

@007_jb Am following the lab now.

Chapter 2 but which lab?

@007_jb chapter 2 first lab (Initiate a Replica set locally), but meanwhile … i have given access to vagrant on this issue but is still showing the same msg.

  1. mongod1.log is showing up as a directory. This isn’t right.
  2. You need to figure out how to give full ownership to the /var/mongodb folder and make sure it affects all sub-directories under it.

Hi @Onyeka_16206,

Can you please share the command that you ran to create the /var/mongodb/db/ directory ?

I think in your case you have mistakenly included the mongod1.log file name in the command while creating the directory.

In order to resolve the issue please do the following : -

  1. Delete the mongod1.log folder

  2. Grant permission to vagrant by running this command

    sudo chown vagrant:vagrant /var/mongodb/db/

And then, I think you are good to go from here.

Hope it hleps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Hi @Shubham_Ranjan, considering this is a lab and it was already explained in previous lecture videos, this wouldn’t be classed as spoon-feeding I hope? :wink:

@007_jb You need to not say that, considering the fact that even when one decides to follow the coach practically step by step, it does not still take one to the last point, that would have been a better way to practice it before going for the LAB… your coaches should be showing us practicals from scratch, I mean from a system that has not been worked on before, this will allow us to see how he resolves issues that come up while configuring the system, not just using an already configured system that seems not to ever have a time that he had issues.

I’m not a MongoDB staff @Onyeka_16206. I took this course a while back too. :slight_smile: I’m just assisting others out of my own free will.
What this highlights is that this step was not included/mentioned in the lectures and therefore needs fixing. Or the lab should give hints as to how to go about these sort of issues.

If this was part of previous lectures and in order to reinforce your knowledge of what was taught, wouldn’t you rather be pointed to the lectures where it was mentioned so that you can go through it once more? @Shubham_Ranjan is one of the Curriculum Support Engineers from MongoDB so he’ll be able to clarify this point.

NB: Notice the wink too :wink:

@007_jb , ok …thanks so much for your time and please do mind my tune, this is actually getting me frustrated, from one issue to the other… but i must get it right that i know. just that my time is going.
I so appreciate your support not just to me but to may other people facing what am facing now, we all pray to someday like you, helping other people up the ladder.
Thanks… meanwhile i will still asking more questions ooooo.

Ok. I’ll log off now :rofl: