Failed chapter 2.6 by 20 mins....can't download completion certificate

I finished chapter 2.6 at 5:20pm but the deadline was 5.00pm.
I have failed that part which I understand.
I got 96% in the overall course and I can’t download my certification.
It says 30 out of 31 completed items for chapter 2, even though the last one was failed.
How do I mark this as completed but failed and download my certification?

It says this


You’ve just finished all the chapters. Now you can see your course grade and download your certificate.

Your Final Grade:



but I can’t download anything

Hi Mark,

You need to visit Conclusion page to download completion confirmation. Here is the link:


I did that and when I click…nothing happens,.
Also the course is not marked as completed…do I have to wait until Jan 29th when final module is over?

Hi Mark,

Seems like an issue. Thanks for reporting. I will make sure it gets fixed soon.

Thanks, Kanika

@Mark_Hayter_52739 Generally you should receive an email when MongoDB officially indicates you’ve completed the course (at least thats my experience). At which time the certificate would be available. Did you get any sort of indication from MongoDB University, other than what appears on your dashboard?


yeah that has worked…I was too eager…I just needed to wait until the course had ended…thanks