Facing issue while trying for incremental backup using oplog

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I am trying to take and incremental backup using oplog.
Below is the query which I am using.


mongodump --host localhost --port 27017 -d test1 -c oplog.rs --query="{“ts”:{"$gte":“Timestamp(1617103955,1)”}}" --authenticationDatabase admin


2021-04-01T09:50:22.206+0100 Failed: error counting test1.: Invalid namespace specified ‘test1.’

mongodump help suggests
/d, /db: database to use
I am using -d test1 which is one of the dbs created by me.

Please suggest how this can be resolved.


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Does the collection exist under test1 DB?

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yes it has a collecion

Hi @surbhi_kapoor

It looks like your command string is incorrect in terms of its syntax if you wish to use mongodump to perform a point-in-time dump of the database. The specific flag required to dump the oplog is --oplog (see this docs page for the specifics and an example - https://docs.mongodb.com/database-tools/mongodump/#std-option-mongodump.--oplog). This creates a point-in-time backup with any operations to the oplog captured whilst the mongodump is being conducted saved to a file oplog.bson.

If you want to explicitly take a point-in-time of the oplog collection itself, this is not recommended and instead, we have explicitly designed Change Streams (https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/changeStreams/) to deal with scenarios where it was previously necessary to tail the oplog.

My suggestion is to review Change Streams as this is a much easier and scalable solution for a wide variety of uses including incremental backup depending on what you want to achieve.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you @Eoin_Brazil I will have a look.

Hi @surbhi_kapoor

Did this provide a solution for you?

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