Faceted search html one line

Why when I open the html file is it all in one line.

Also couldn’t find the section to be replaced.

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can someone answer that? I have the same issue, I only have index.html under build which means that it somehow compressed file with a JavaScript “mess” and as the original question says there is no text to be replaced, no mflix world at all.
Thank you

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i am having the same issue… :confused:

I’m having the same issue

I’m having the same issue, the html file all in one line and ctrl+f these is no window.facet.
Now I pass the ticket without doing this step. I think the course has been updated and window.facet deprecated.

I am trying to run the “Ticket: faceted search” test but index.html does not appear

Hi @Duncan_66850,

You need to add the code in the index.html file.

      mflix = { useFacets: true }


Yes I did manage to add it, but is struggled to find the right place because the whole html file was in one line. I tried Notepad++ and Microsoft Visual Source code.