Extremely Irritated by the learning method that's implemented in M220JS

I’m just irritated and frustrated by the thing i’m learning right now, I wanted to learn everything starting with basics on how to integrate mongodb with nodejs, i got the whole set of code in that i have to search and write about queries, do I even have to write queries, i have learnt nodejs to understand mongodb driver, I have also learnt mongodb, i don’t need lessons on find, update. I know that, I’m not understand what i have to write in the code to pass the ticket for, i’m trying to modify the method getMovies(), is there someone in the mongodb team that understands the problem, do they want to teach for beginners or experts, what do i have to do in TICKET: Paging…

You have to modify the query to get the paging to show up to 20 items per page, depending on the page number you are asked to view. Like with most things, which once you see it you will get it.

The queries you write are relatively straight forward, the hard thing is normally understanding the question.

However for me the value was the actually code that came with the project. I started at the very top, and stepped through it line by line to work out what did what (so the first program was index.js in mflix), worked out what the called, what was in each variable etc. I only started doing that once I finished the course.

I also had to work understand some newer javascript/node concepts I hadn’t seen before.

PS - Try breaking your text up into paragraphs, it makes easier to read.

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@NeilM thanks for your reply btw, but it was just overwhelming for me to read the whole code and understand, I think it would have been better to start with small snippets of code, I think beginners will be more comfortable with that approach, nonetheless I read through the code and solved it.

I think it is worth remembering that it is designed for people who have some understanding of how node works and where Mongodb calls sit within that code base, so this is an area where I had to improve my knowledge during the course and it still needs a lot of improving.

I spent a couple of weeks just reading up on various javascript techiniques, and spent a bit of time getting a feel for how things sit together.

Anyway, Lauren Schaefer has a number of posts that you may find of more use then:-


that’s why i have first learnt node because i wanted to learn this, but the problem is not the code itself, I understand the code, but if the explanation is given step by step to undestand about methods, how the code is linked, then implementing modification wouldn’t have been tough, but as this course is designed i think it would take a lot time more time to cover all the code, as this project is coded already and it’s huge. I think that’s a challenge for a me to read and understand the code which i haven’t written from sractch, anyways this is a new experience for me, i am sure i will learn something meaningful.

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