Extremely disappointed

I signed up for M103 to learn Mongo not Virtual Box or Vagrant.
I use VMware for my virtualization needs and my projects. Why on Earth I must use Virtual Box and Vagrant if all they do it configure an Ubuntu Linux VM?!
I understand that the course if free and that nobody wants to solve the installation problems. But why don’t you just say: here is the list of commands (the provision-mongodb file contains exactly what the Vagrant runs in the VM) and if you’re comfortable - do it yourself. Just be aware that it is not supported.

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But that’s why you have the files? The choice is yours to replicate on a different provider.
Remember that the course also needs to be marked after-which you get a completion certificate. I don’t see why then a company that doesn’t support something should explicitly profess, “here are the files, but we don’t support it”.

Welcome to the discussion board by the way! :slightly_smiling_face:

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My point is that the amount of work of providing the instructions on setting up the environment is minimal: you’ve done all of that already.
And since this is a prerequisite for the further admin courses, you should reasonably expect a Linux-savvy person taking such course. [Sigh…] and spare me about an hour of attempting to bring up Virtual Box on a Windows running in VMware VM (sic!)
BTW, that did not work. Vagrant crashes the guest trying to bring it up (yes, trying to bring up VM inside a VM.) JFYI, Docker works fine in a Windows VM running on VMware :slight_smile:

And yes, thanks!

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Yes a couple of guys have used Docker as well. There’s a thread on here that provides all the steps too.
From what I’ve seen, the abilities vary. Some course takers have little or no Linux experience.

PS: My view is that of someone who took the course a while back, not a MongoDB staff :wink:

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Hi @yuras,

Sorry about this. We are aware of the issues around installing vagrant and virtualbox. Our team is currently working on developing an internal tool which will replace the use of vagrant and virtualbox in our courses.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Thanks for the update. Believe me, I really appreciate what you’ve done already.
My intent is to help through complaining not just complaining itself. :slight_smile:
I guess the best bet at this time is to:

  • Specify the exact Ubuntu version (14.04) that needs to be used to provision the VM in any virtualization environment (Virtual Box, VMware, Hyper-V);
  • Modify the existing Vagrant scripts to add missing parts (IP, vagrant user, etc.) along with the verification code to assure the environment is valid.
  • Assume that the course student knows how to copy a script to Linux VM and instruct how to run the scripts in that VM.
    That should be of great help.