Extra content in movies collection?

I’ve written a filter against the movies for the chapter one match lab, and get 24 results instead of 23. A manual inspection of each document returned shows that each documents meets all criteria. I did this exercise last week with no problem, but I needed to write it again because the next lab “inherits” from it. The automated test does not pass.

I’m out of ideas, and I’m wondering if maybe the actual content of the database has changed such that the test is no longer valid.

What do?

My apologies. Nevermind. When manually inspecting the output, I missed a spot. No further help is needed.

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Hi @Joe_Cooper,

I am glad you were able to debug and resolve the issue.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.


I meet with the same problem, don’t how to deal it

my query condition like this:
“imdb.rating”:{$gte : 7},
“genres”: {$elemMatch: {$nin: [“Crime”, “Horror”]}},
“rated”: {$in: [“PG”, “G”]},
“languages”: {$all: [“English”, “Japanese”]}

Hi @John_Evon, welcome to the community.
Please check out this discussion:

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Thank you very much, I got it.

In this case, we can use $nin instead.