External dependency: @slack/bolt - > runtime error

I was attempting to use the Slack bolt js library in a Ream http endpoint. I added it as an external dependency via the UI (not an upload), and it said it successfully installed it.

When I tried to run a basically empty realm function for the endpoint, I got:

> error: 
failed to execute source for 'node_modules/@slack/bolt/dist/index.js': TypeError: 'exit' is not a function
	at pleaseUpgradeNode (node_modules/please-upgrade-node/index.js:28:19(79))
	at node_modules/@slack/bolt/dist/index.js:47:38(88)

Is the library just not compatible due to the age of node in Realm, or is there some way I can proceed?

On the off chance there’s some simple way to make it work, has anyone seen a bolt Receiver for Realm HTTP Endpoints that one could plumb in and then be able to use the standard bolt event handling mechanisms, etc.? I’m thinking something like the AWS receiver could be done for Realm as well, and would let me hook slack right up to our Mongo Atlas stuff without having to make a Heroku or AWS component in the middle.

Thanks for any pointers.

Out of curiosity, has anyone here used the bolt lib from Slack, or even their old node lib with Realm functions?
Calling the web API directly is working, but not as nice as having the full sdk.