Export Swift schema definitions

We are currently transitioning our system from Realm Cloud to MongoDB Realm. We have two components in this system. The first is a Node.js piece that is used to administer our MongoDB Cluster and initialize with a schema; this used to be a Realm instance. The second piece is an iOS app that is built on top of the MongoDB Realm application. In the past, when we used Realm Studio, we could export the model definitions to Swift - so we effectively had one source of truth as far as the schema was concerned - the Node.js Javascript schema. With MongoDB Realm, I do not see a way to export a Swift Schema. Am I missing something, or is this feature coming soon?


@Richard_Krueger You can see it on the Realm App cloud UI under SDKs > Data Models > Swift

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@Ian_Ward you are indeed the man. Thanks for the quick turn around. The Data Models for Swift are available, but one must turn off “Development Mode” to see them. This works like a champ by clicking the “Copy All Data Models” to the clip board and pasting them into Xcode. Again I can’t say how much I think this product is a major improvement to your older Realm Cloud offering.

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