Expo-router authentication with Realmdb

So I have been trying out Realmdb recently after hearing a lot of good news about it and I am impressed with how easy it is to set up.

Currently, i am using Expo-router for navigation in my project, but then i noticed issues if i can call it that.
So the way the UserProvider works is that it takes in children props and a fallback component, The children props could be the entire navigation container of your application if you are using ReactNavigation, and then the fallback could be a Stack navigation, so that navigation u are passing as a fallback can have multiple screens, maybe, a login, registration screen.

Since the expo-router does not work that (Because it is a file-based routing) way I can only add a single component as a fallback and not a navigation stack. Inside the _layout.tsx file, i added the UserProvider there and passed in the component from expo-router which should render out everything. I want to know if there is a way i can have a fallback with multiple screens, i tried something like rendering the UserProvider conditionally if a user is authenticated or not, but that does not work as well.

I have also come across that. Right now the way I handle it, is to put the Stack or Slot in the fallback. And then I handle the shown routes logic based on auth status manually within the app routes. I have two folders and (intro) folder and a (main) folder. If the user is authenticated I redirect from the (intro) folder to the main folder. This allows me to have more screens in unauthenticated flow.