Existing API using Nodejs to MongoDB Realm

Hello guys I found out about MongoDB Realm, say if i have an existing API using Nodejs and MongoDB which works locally, can i take this API and make it work on MongoDB Realm? also I wanted to make a real time chat and notification but i think I read that MongoDB Realm offers those services? am I correct? or will i need to implement socket ? I want the API to also work on mobile that’s why I’m interested in MongoDB Realm.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ahmed_Omar - welcome to the community forum!

There’s a dedicated Node.js SDK for Realm, but many of the Realm features (including accessing data and calling Realm functions) is available through any of the MongoDB drivers using Realm’s wire protocol feature – so that’s an option if you don’t want to switch to the SDK (at least not right away).

This series of articles describe how to build a chat app using Realm (the sharing of messages is done via Realm Sync rather than sockets – that way it handles the case when a user is offline for a while – when they connect they automatically receive all of the messages they missed).

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