Example of setup in local

I have followed the tutorial to set up the project by using MongoDB Atlas Cluster. Is there any tutorials to setup this project in local completely? I am new to Python also.

What I have done (I am using MacOS):
1, I can run MongoDB in local. (It displays “[initandlisten] waiting for connections on port 12345”)
2, I have local MAMP with Apache server running and listening the same port of 12345
3, I dump the whole project from in to local folder

What’s left to finish setup and running?

I do not think it is possible to have 2 servers listening to the same port. It would be best to go back at the instructions and starts from scratch as it looks like you are on the wrong track.

I have no problem of going through the instructions and set it up via MongoDB Atlas.
Just wondering of set this up completely in local. Any suggestions or maybe I was missing something in the instructions? Thanks!

I have tried but it should be as simple as:

1.starting your own mongod
2.upload the data to your own mongod
3.specify the URI of your own mongod in the config file

But I am pretty sure your are better off using Atlas.