Example Authentication codebase

Is there a reference implementation for user authentication for Swift/SwiftUI?
The sample code in the documentation is incomplete and outdated/broken.
Or is Mongo/Atlas-based user authentication not recommended or supported as a 1st class service?

Have you seen the examples here:

This example includes email/password authentication:

Hope this helps.

Yes, I saw the old UIKit example for Apple Sign-In.
I was looking for SwiftUI for Apple and Googe sign-in.
I’ve no need for email plus password sign-in.

Hey @Craig_Jarman - you’re right, I work on the docs and we don’t have dedicated SwiftUI auth examples.

I pulled this from one of my apps where I’ve implemented Sign-in with Apple - does this help?

It uses an App and error handler initialized in a preceding view, similar to the template app: template-app-swiftui-todo/App/App.swift at main · mongodb/template-app-swiftui-todo · GitHub