Exam certificate


Just a couple of things.

  1. When I press download, it takes me to the image of the document on another page, it doesn’t actually download it. In chrome, it puts the put box at the top of the image, and with firefox it puts the print option in the centre. Neither of which download :slight_smile:

  2. I went to look at my completed courses and the M001 course isn’t listed. If/When it does, will it show my score for the course, which a course I did a few years back did?

  3. The older green and black certificate is nicer than the newer one.


HI NMullins,

Follow the steps:

  1. Click on Completed Courses Section
  2. Click on “Print” which shows in the center when you hover.
  3. Right click and click Save As

The certificate will be downloaded or you just “Share” the certificate link.

No, The course completion certificate won’t be able to show your score.

I will check for that. When did you completed that course?

Thanks for the feedback!

Let me know if any more issue is there!


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I completed my course yesterday 20/11, so I assumed that once the certificate was available for download, it would show up in my list of courses, as completed.

With the old M101JS which I completed in Sept 2015, it shows the score as a %, in My Courses section.