Even my code is correct and test cases success i am failed in test

In spite my java code is correct . It shows failed in test. My all test cases shown sucess.

my line is


return movies;

So you call all the same methods in the same order with the parameter name. But it is the value of the parameter that is important. One of the value must be different.

In all likelihood your problem is here

I would bet that castFilter is not calling the correct method.
I would bet you are getting a failure on testSearchMultipleCast (run this test to see)

If so then you are using the wrong implementation for .find(castFilter).

That’s the point of the comment in the hint

Check the implementation of similar formats of search criteria - the cast query should similar.

Following is my implementation

public List getMoviesByCast(String sortKey, int limit, int skip, String… cast) {

Bson castFilter = Filters.in(“cast”, cast);

Bson sort = Sorts.ascending(sortKey);

List movies = new ArrayList<>();


return movies;


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In the requirements, it is stated to look at getMoviesByGenres and getMoviesByText for examples. In getMoviesByGenres we also receive a sortKey as in getMoviesByCast. In …ByGenres they sort descending but in your code you sort ascending. I think that’s what is wrong with your code. The fact that you pass the test cases tells me that some conditions are not testes.