Error with validating the lab config file

I finally managed to use VI to create a config file and I have started MongoD with this config.
I have then connected to Mongo via localhost with m103-admin user and tried running
but i get the error
validate_lab_configuration_file is not defined.
Can anyone help?

Could you please paste the exact output from the cmd line?


fixed it
I made sure I downloaded validators again and ran it outside the mongo shell but within Vagrant.
The instructions are not that clear…they make it sound as if you have to connect to Mongo and then run it.,

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I believe you have to execute validate command, outside of mongo shell.


Hi Mark_Hayter_52739,

Sorry for the trouble it caused you. I have noted down your feedback and I will make sure I add it in the lab notes to make it clear to run the validation scripts from Vagrant and outside Mongo Shell.

Thank you so much for the feedback.