Error while connecting to database through Compass

After installing Compass and following instructions as per Chapter 1 video I am getting error as under:
“no secondary found in replicaset or invalid replica set name”.

I think I am not able to connect to the server in time. If so, how do I connect to the server. Since I am a beginner, I do not know how do I post the screen shot. Kindly give me urgent solution since my time for submission is very short.

Hi Nizamuddin,

Please see New to Discussion Forum thread for any queries on how to post in discussion forum.

For connection problems, check here

If you are still facing issues, let me know.

Thanks, Kanika

I could connect to database, thanks brother, now there is no problem.

Hi Nizamuddin_40485,

Glad you got it working!
No offense, but its sister not brother :smiley: