Error while connecting comapass to sandbox cluster

Hi Everyone.I am facing an issue while connecting my compass to sandbox cluster. The error is “An error occurred while loading navigation: ‘not master and slaveOk=false’: It is recommended to change your read preference in the connection dialog to Primary Preferred or Secondary Preferred or provide a replica set name for a full topology connection.”.

Please check this link

An error occurred while loading navigation: ‘not master and slaveOk=false’

Hi @Avaneesh_57410,

Please make sure you have filled in the connection string of the Primary node of your sandbox cluster in Compass. This should resolve the issue.

Additionally, I would request you to share the following :

  1. Screenshot of the error message that you are seeing on your screen.
  2. Version of Compass

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

For some reason I could successfully enter the DB.

Thanks for the help.