Error whie connecting to cluster

Hello all,
whenever I try to connect to the cluster I get this error. Can anyone help me resolve this.

This results in

Thank you

Did you created the user on your cluster?

i did create a user

Did you upload the data to your cluster?

Looks like . This is how my cluster looks like

and in security–> mongoDB Users is my user m220student

mongo “mongodb+srv://” is the connection string I am trying to use

no. Whenever I try to mongorestore with the following command

mongorestore --drop --gzip --uri mongodb+srv:// data it gives three periods (…)

Hi steve,
thanks for the reply. It worked. I changed the role of user to atlasadmin. I am able to connect and restore the data


You are trying to load the data set using mongorestore from within the mongo shell.
You need to run the restore command from a regular command line, not when connected to the cluster.