Error when trying to use mongodump

Does anyone else have this problem or knows the solution?
I’m not sure why this happens. I use Ubuntu 20.04.

Hi @Tyme_Hagenbeek

Can’t really tell what the error means. It looks like there is an option not recognized by the older mongodump that comes along with 3.6. But the server is 4.0+

It’s worth installing the newer (4.0+) versions of Mongo and Mongotools, as there were quite many changes.

Deep explanations & Workaround Here

Try running the command/query without the “snapshot : true”

Hi @Tyme_Hagenbeek,

Try to run the command with –forceTableScan option.

Also, it would be a good idea to install the newer version of MongoDB as 3.6 is pretty old.

~ Shubham

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it worked with –forceTableScan option.