Error uploading realm functions dependencies

I create a fresh project, 1 vanilla package installed and get this error when I try and upload file. (attached screenshot).

The text is:

Failed to upload unknown: Unexpected token, expected ( (38:6) 36 | let body = ‘’ 37 | response.setEncoding(‘utf8’) > 38 | for await (const chunk of response) { | ^ 39 | body += chunk 40 | } 41 |

I see a couple of other folks with this problem and no answers. Has this been addressed?

Hey @Ragno_Cucina - what dependency were you trying to upload? Dependencies with Functions is still in beta so you might be trying to upload one that is unsupported/in progress for now. If there is a dependency that you would like to see supported that isn’t on this list, please feel free to suggest it here.