Error Syncing Realm App to ReactNative project

Hello everyone, I am new to developing Realm based aplications, and was following the documentation to sinc a React Native application to a Realm. If I create a new realm without syncing it it works fine, but when I proceed to log in anonymously and try creating the synced realm the application crashes with no explanation.

Here is the code I have written, the Schema I imported from the Realm interface in the SDK section, and also got the AppId. If anyone is able to tell me where I am going wrong I would highly appreciate it. Thank you all so much!

import React from 'react';
   import { prescriptionSchema } from './Prescriptions'
   import {
   } from 'react-native';

   import Realm from 'realm';

   async function start() {

       const appConfig = { id: 'appId', timeout: 10000 }

       const app = new Realm.App(appConfig);

       const credentials = Realm.Credentials.anonymous();
       const user = await app.logIn(credentials);

       try {
           const realm = await{
               schema: [prescriptionSchema],
               sync: {
                   user: user,
                   partitionValue: 'name',
       catch (e) { console.log(e) }


   class App extends React.Component {

       render() {

           return (

   export default App