Error Serving Connection: interface conversion error

I am setting up an ODBC connection to a remote instance of MongoDB. When I try to test the connection, I get an error the following error:
Connection Failed... Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading final connect information'. system error: 2

I looked at the logs from mongod and mongosql and noticed that mongosql was closing the connection almost immediately. After changing the log level, I noticed the following error from mongosql:
error serving connection: interface conversion: ast.Expr is *ast.FieldOrArrayIndexRef, not *ast.FieldRef, goroutine 194 [running]:

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to resolve this?

MongoDB version: 3.2.6
MongoSQL version: 2.13.4
ODBC Connector Version 1.4.0

OK, after putting this down for a bit. I came back to it realized that the issue here may be that the instance of MongoDB is not a replica set. I haven’t tested this theory as yet, but I’m fairly certain it’s the root cause.

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.