Error sending realmsdkmetrics

The following error messages appear when the iOS app starts.
How do I remove them?

Thank you for your help, Michal

**2021-09-09 08:58:42.746924+0200 CWO[45209:3600067] [tcp] tcp_output [C1.1.1:3] flags=[R.] seq=1355190615, ack=1790983416, win=2058 state=CLOSED rcv_nxt=1790983416, snd_una=1355190098**
**2021-09-09 08:58:42.749917+0200 CWO[45209:3600067] Connection 1: received failure notification**
**2021-09-09 08:58:42.750327+0200 CWO[45209:3600067] Connection 1: failed to connect 3:-9816, reason -1**
**2021-09-09 08:58:42.750475+0200 CWO[45209:3600067] Connection 1: encountered error(3:-9816)**
**2021-09-09 08:58:42.753081+0200 CWO[45209:3600067] Task <4636156D-930E-4251-9625-AE97DD2F84AC>.<1> HTTP load failed, 0/0 bytes (error code: -1200 [3:-9816])**
**2021-09-09 08:58:42.761659+0200 CWO[45209:3600070] Task <4636156D-930E-4251-9625-AE97DD2F84AC>.<1> finished with error [-1200] Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1200 "Vyskytla se chyba SSL. Zabezpečené připojení k serveru nelze vytvořit." UserInfo={NSErrorFailingURLStringKey=**

Hi @Michal_Kus ,

If Google Translate gets this right, the error is the Czech equivalent of An SSL error has occurred. A secure connection to the server could not be established. In other words, the Realm endpoint cannot be reached, and there’s very little we can infer from this, as the communication stops immediately.

You seem to have set up an Incoming Webhook: are you able to use that endpoint from another client, for example Postman? Did you set any specific authorization for the webhook to run?

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