Error running

On running and going to localhost:5000 there is a blank screen with the following error in console:

Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost:5000/static/js/main.772d1286.js”.


Having the same issue

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Had this issue on Ubuntu 16.04. Found the comment below useful for an earlier reported issue like this:

I’ve replaced the “main.772d1286.js” by “main.9cd550cb.js” and worked. I think that there are differences in builds used on exercise and downloaded in the zip-file.

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I had almost lost all hope! Finally something works!

Hello all,

Thanks for reporting this 404 issue. There was an issue in the handout, but it has been fixed. To resolve this, please retrieve a fresh copy of the handout from the M220P course.


What do you mean “replaced”? Did you rename the file?

Yes, that is what they meant in the original comment. Sorry, should’ve clarified.