Error runing Python - ImportError: cannot import name 'json_util'

I’m using file README.rst in step “Running the Application”, when I try install “python” have a problem:



  • I installed requirements “pip install -r requirements.txt”
  • I executed “ren dotini_win .ini”

I hope you can help me, thanks!

Did you also configure the required settings in .ini? :wink:

It’s interesting that Python remarks that it cannot find the “bson” module. That should be available if you followed all the installation instructions in README.txt.

Did you pip install bson manually? The bson package overwrites the pymongo bson package. There is a conflict. If it is the case, you could uninstall both bson and pymongo and reinstall pymongo again.

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Ugh, they (pymongo) overloaded onto an existing module name? :frowning:

It is a know issue for long time. PyPI didn’t fix this conflict between two projects. Or maybe they think it is easy to fix if you know it.

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Thanks =) . Yes, I was reviewing and it’s true, I installed bson manually then installed README.rst.

Hello nayamama.

Thanks, but now I have this problem:

I’m thinking of starting from scratch, Uninstall Anaconda would be a good idea?

Well, you didn’t have to uninstall pymongo, you actually need it :wink: pymongo = “python + mongo”…


I uninstalled and installed Anaconda, then continue steps of README.rst and now hadn’t problems :smile: :

Thanks for your comments.