Error - Realm file path being too long

Hi, I’m trying to read from a synced realm in a flutter app and I get the below error mentioning that the file path is too long. I tried to shorten the app package name to the lowest possible. It still does not resolve the error. Any help on this would be highly appreciated.

RealmException (RealmException: Error opening realm at path /data/data/com.ex.xe/files/mongodb-realm/devicesync-aaaaa/6662045d42830422117aaaaa/default.realm. Name too long: . Error code: 3010.)

Below is the code:

RealmResults<Product> showAllProducts() {
    var config = Configuration.flexibleSync(loggedInUser, [Product.schema]);
    var realm = Realm(config);
    final items = realm.all<Product>();
    return items;