Error: queryTxt ESERVFAIL

i keep getting this error:
Error: queryTxt ESERVFAIL
at QueryReqWrap.onresolve [as oncomplete] (node:internal/dns/promises:251:17) {
errno: undefined,
code: ‘ESERVFAIL’,
syscall: ‘queryTxt’,
hostname: ‘
the same code was working this morning and i did not perform any changes.
please help i tried everything i found on the web .

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Looks good for me at this time:

# dig +short any
0 0 27017
0 0 27017
0 0 27017

Try a different set of dns servers perhaps.

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i dont quiet understand you idea,i am using a m1 mac , i dont know how to change or try different set of dns servers

The error is DNS related. Changing the DNS servers you are using may allow the application to connect.

I’m not familiar with changing dns servers on a mac either, but a quick google should show you.


i changed my dns servers on my mac (i used google dns and also tried opendns but it didn’t work.
when i tested the command you mentioned earlier it says :;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

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I’m currently having the same issue constantly. Did you manage to solve it?

I had the same issue. I think its an issue related to the ISP you are using for connection. All I could do was wait till the ISP network was stable to try again…but if you can switch ISPs, then fine.

for local system i resolve by removing 27.x.x.x nameserver ip in /etc/resolv.conf file