Error python


I completed all the installation steps in lecture: README. at the time of running the application I find the errors in the image below.

I’ve looked for similar errors and can’t find an appropriate answer.

Can someone help me.

Thank you

Try to install the requirements again. May be the command was run else where and not inside the virtual environment.

Thank you Steeve for answering.

I did reinstall and got errors on my windows visual C++ version, which I corrected with the new version

Now its runnig the app, but I have the following errors while runnig the unit test or runnig the app:

How can I change the verification certificate?

Thank you.

Share the connection string you specified in the configuration file.

See Please help connect to MongoDB Atlas - #5 by Be_Hai_Nguyen as it might help you with the certificate error.

Thank you Steeve, the connection test works and I can see the mflix app in my browser.

Thank for your help

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