Error parsing command line options

Hi guys,

I am trying to clone a database using mongodump and mongorestore, however, when specifying the connection string I constantly receive the following error:

I specify it the following way:

mongodump --uri = ‘mongodb+srv://’

If I use the same connection string to connect mongoshell it does work.

Can somebody help me out?

Try without extra spaces between the parameter name, the equal sign and the parameter value.

Yes. Technology is not advanced enough for us to really determine what is your problem. So you will have to use the human skill of writing in order to describe your problem with more details. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, a screenshot that shows exactly what your are doing and the error you are getting will be very useful.

Too bad @Jan_van_Dorth did not have the courtesy to followup. May be the issue was something else but we won’t know.

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